Prize money

Athletes that won prize money, as of the list below, must see to that the organising club IK Tjalve, is invoiced for the correct sum. The invoice must be sent from organisation/firm that is legally allowed to send it, with a tax number. For instance, your club, agency, or federation. The invoice must show which athlete it is for, which organisation/firm is to be paid, the sum, and IBAN and Swift.   

Invoice details:

Idrettsklubben Tjalve
Underhaugsveien 1D, 0354 Oslo, Norway
NO 939 572 791

Send to:

100m WNavnEuroKlubb
 Vilde Aasmo500Tjalve
 Kristie Edwards400AUS
 Hana Basic300AUS
 Solveig Bustgård Gran200BUL
 Emma Suhonen100Bækkelaget
200m WKristie Edwards500AUS
 Kaitesi Ertzgaard400Tjalve
 Denise Eriksson300SWE
 Sarah McCarthy200IRL
 Miranda Lauvstad100Tyrving
400m WMilja Thureson500FIN
 Lakeri Ertzgaard400Tjalve
 Kaitesi Ertzgaard300Tjalve
 Linn Oppegård200Moss
 Matilda Hellqvist100SWE
800m WJulia Nielsen1000SWE
 Viola Westling600FIN
 Anne Gine Løvnes400Vidar
 Malin Nyfors300Tjalve
 Selma Engdahl200Tjalve
5000m WStella Rutto500ROU
 Nanna Bové400DEN
 Nicole Egger300CHE
 Julia Mayer200AUT
 Kristine Meinert Rød100Oppegård
3000m SC WJulia Samuelsson500SWE
 Amelie Svensson400SWE
 Linn Söderholm300SWE
 Elena Panaet200ROU
 Vilde Våge Henriksen100Haugesund
400m hk WElisabeth Slettum1000Skjalg
 Annina Fahr600CHE
 Andrea Rooth400Lambertseter
 Annemarie Nissen300DEN
 Marlen Aakre200Fredrikstad
Javelin WRebekah Walton500GBR
 Sanne Erkola400FIN
 Sara Jemai300ITA
 Mali Marstad200Stjørdal
 Klaudia Regin100POL
Triple jumpMariya Siney500UKR
 Rebecka Abrahamsson400SWE
 Paola Borovic300HRV
 Elise Søvik200Tjalve
 Mathilde Klokseth100Moss
100m MMichael Romanin500AUS
 Daniel Johnsen400Ask
 Tarley Allison300SWE
 August Hemstad200Moelven
 Patrick Bifuko100Tyrving
200m MMathias Hove Johansen500Skjalg
 Michael Romanin400AUS
 Håvard Ingvaldsen300Moelven
 Daniel Johnsen200Ask
 August Hemstad100Moelven
400m MGustav Nielsen500DEN
 Kasper Kadestål400SWE
 Viljami Kaasalainen300FIN
 Timo Helland200Trondheim
 Tor Vedde100BUL
800m MTobias Grønstad1000Tjalve
 Sigurd Tveit600Kristiansand LK
 Jan Vukovic400SLO
 Joonas Rinne300FIN
 Ville Lampinen200FIN
5000m MMohammadreza Abootorabi500SWE
 James Hansen400GBR
 Joel Ibler Lillesø300DEN
 Abdullahi Dahir Rabi200Runar
 Awet Nftalem Kibrab100Ull/Kisa
Discus MNicholas Percy500GBR
 Sven Martin Skagestad400Norna-Salhus
 Ola Isene300Sturla
 Shaquille Emanuelson200NED
 Irdan Shamshuddin100MAL
Long jump MLiam Adcock500AUS
 Zane Branco400AUS
 Aanund Tveitå300 
 Marius Hjeltnes200Tjalve
 Erik Johansson100SWE
Hammer throw MEivind Henriksen1000Tjalve
 Krisztian Pars600HUN
 Henri Liipola400FIN
 Thomas Mardal300Gloppen
 Chris Bennett200GBR
Pole VaultUrho Kujanpää500FIN
 Markus Rooth400Tjalve
 Felix Steene300SWE

Travel Reimbursement  

The athletes who have a prior agreement regarding travel reimbursement, must (1) either get their organisation/firm to send an invoice with receipts showing cost of travel or (2) fill in the reimbursement form with receipts and payment info, and send form and receipts to



Women: 100m – 200m – 400m – 800m – 5000m – 3000m st – 400m hurdles – Javelin – Triple Jump

Men: 100m – 200m – 400m – 800m – 5000m –
Discus Throw – Hammer Throw – Long Jump – Pole Vault

Prize money amount 30 000 EUR in line with World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze Meeting guidelines.

A category
 1000 EUR, 2nd. 600 EUR, 3rd. 400 EUR, 4th. 300 EUR, 5th. 200 EUR.
Women: 800m – 400m hurdles
Men: 800m – Hammer Throw

B category
 500 EUR, 2nd. 400 EUR, 3rd. 300 EUR, 4th. 200 EUR, 5th. 100 EUR
Women: 100m – 200m – 400m – 5000m – 3000m st – Triple Jump – Javelin
Men:100m – 200m – 400m – 5000m – Discus Throw – Pole Vault – Long Jump

Boysen Price
The prize goes to the runner who equals or beats Audun Boysen’s legendary record of 1.45.90 on 800m, a time that stood as the Norwegian record for 37 years. The award will also be given to women who run faster than 2.01.00. The price is 10,000 NOK. Only one person per gender can win the award each year.

Foreign participants will be deducted a 15% tax fee. Prizes will be paid out by invoice sent by athletes agent, club or federation.


Foregin athletes Liaison
John Ertzgaard
Phone: 0047 928 99 929

Line Maltun
Phone: 0047 977 38 371

Matias Lavik
Phone: 0047 452 04 125


WaveLight Technologies will be used for pacing. With this system we will be able to set up to several paces on the middle and long distance races.

Bibs, final confirmations, personal throwing implements and call room.

Distribution of bibs, final confirmation (only track-events) and control of personal throwing implements no later than 90 minutes prior to event start in the technical information centre (TIC), located below the stands, close to the finish line.

Bislett Stadium  

Address: Louises gate 1, 0168 Oslo
Entrance from Martinius Lørdahls plass. We encourage you to use public transportation to the meeting.

We remind you that Bislett Stadium is an environmentally friendly arena, and ask everyone to contribute to recycling at the stadium.


Athletes are accommodated at Scandic Solli hotel, 10 minutes from Bislett and 5 minutes from the Royal Castle.

Scandic Solli
Parkveien 68,
0254 Oslo – Norway


Hotel Scandic Solli to Oslo Airport
The following athletes will be picked up at the airport with electric cars from our sponsor Hyundai:
Zane Bronco, Kristie edwards, Chris Bennet, Rebekah Warlton, Liam Adcock, Klaudia Regin, Paola Borovuc, Patrica Madl, Viola Westling, Nicholas Percy, Adam Kelly, Urho Kujanpaa, Gustav Nielsen, Martha Rasmussen, Annemarie Nissen, Mariya Siney and Sara Jemai.

Oslo Airport to Hotel Scandic Solli
The following athletes will be picked up at the Hotel:

05:00 – Klaudia Regin, Patricia Madl, Maiya Siney, Rebekah Warlton
07:00 – Nicholas Percy, Adam Kelly
09:30 – Martha Rasmussen, Sara Jemai, Chris Bennet
11:00 – Gustav Nielsen
14:30 – Viola Westling
18:00 – Urho Kujanpaa

Airport Express train

The Airport Express train (Flytoget) is by far the fastest and most environmental friendly way to get to the hotel.

Oslo Airport to hotel Scandic Solli

  1. Take the Airport Express train that has the final destination Drammen.
  2. Get of at the station Nationaltheatret.
  3. At Nationaltheatret, take the exit directed Parkveien/Henrik Ibsens gate.
  4. From the exit you have a two minute walk to Scandic Solli (Address: Parkveien 68)

Public transport from Scandic Solli to Bislett Stadium

Tickets for public transportation (24 hours) will be handed to invited athletes at check in. The ticket enables you to travel by bus, tram, Subway, train and boat in Oslo.

From Scandic Solli Hotel, there is a three minute walk to the bus stop. The bus departures every 8 minute.

  1. Walk to Lapsetorvet, as shown here in Maps.
  2. Take bus 21 Helsfyr, eastbound, to Bislett. Schedule and map here.
  3. Jump of at Bislett Stadium.


At the hotel: 07.00 – 10.00

Lunch and Dinner
At “Deilig Sushi” around the corner from the hotel. Invited athletes will get a coupon for use at the restaurant. Coupons are valued 150 NOK, orders above the coupon amount will have to be paid by oneself.

Barbecue and Diamond League
We purposely select a Diamond League date for our meet so we can have barbecue party and watch the DL together after the meet. This event is taken place in the Seb Coe room at Bislett Stadium.


Physiotherapy at Tjalve Sports Club’s training centre from 9-16 Wednesday and Thursday. Drop in or send a Whatsapp-message to 0047 45204125 (Matias).
Adress: Underhaugsveien 1, 0354 Oslo.

Take the bus to Bislett stadium and walk 2 minutes.



  • Bislett stadium will be open for training kl 15-21. Entrance from Sofies gate 38 (see map below).
  • For invited athletes, Weightlifting-facilities and treadmills at Tjalve’s training centre (see map above). Drop-in until 16.00. From 16.00-22.00, please make an appointment to use the facilities on Whatsapp 0047 45204125.


  • Bislett stadium will be open for training from 12.00-15.00. Entrance from Sofies gate 38 (see map below).
  • For invited athletes, Weightlifting-facilities and treadmills at Tjalve’s training centre (see above). Drop-in until 16.00. From 16.00-22.00, please make an appointment to use the facilities on Whatsapp 0047 45204125.

Friday and Saturday

Please contact Matias on Whatsapp 0047 45204125.

2 minutes walk from the bus stop.