Since Bislett Games has changed the date to July 1, which was the original date for Boysen Memorial this year, this year’s event has been moved to June 12.

Boysen Memorial will also this year have status as “European Athletics Outdoor Area Permit Meeting”.


  • Women: 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 5000m, 100m hurdles, 400 meter hurdles, javelin, high jump, long jump.
  • Men: 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 5000m, discus throw, hammer throw, long jump, pole vault.


Norwegian athletes -> link.

Foreign athletes: send us an e-mail at 

Prize Money

At Boysen Memorial, we value good results. The final prize structure for 2021 will be announced later. Below you see the winners of prize money the last two years.

Prize money 2020, to the 5 best results according to the IAAF scoring table:

  1. 10.000 NOK Marcus Thomsen / Kule 20,66m 1160 points
  2. 8.000 NOK Henrik Bjørka Ingebrigtsen / 5000m 13:19,65 1139 points
  3. 6.000 NOK Jakob Ingebrigtsen / 800m 1:46,44 1130 points
  4. 5.000 NOK Sara Kolak / Spyd 62,42m 1123 points
  5. 4.000 NOK Filip Mangen Ingebrigtsen / 800m 1:46,74 1121 points

Prize money 2019, to the 10 best results according to the IAAF scoring table:

  1. 1500€ Fredric Dacres / Diskos 68,58m p:1219
  2. 1200€ Nataliya Pryshchepa / 800m 1.59,13 p:1178
  3. 1000€ Hedda Hynne / 800m 2.01,27 p:1140
  4. 800€ Martin Kupper / Diskos 63,90m p:1132
  5. 700€ Eivind Henriksen / Slegge 75,54m p:1126
  6. 600€ Marina Arzamasova / 800m 2.02,66 p:1115
  7. 500€ Adama Jammeh / 200m 20,93 p:1078
  8. 400€ Ola Stunes Isene / Diskos 60,48m p:1070
  9. 300€ Adrian Swiderski / Tresteg 16,01m p:1059
  10. 200€ Elisabet Slettum / 400m hekk 58,98 p:1052

The Boysen Price: The prize goes to the runner who equals or beats Audun Boysen’s legendary record of 1.45.9 on 800m, a time that stood as the Norwegian record for 37 years. The award will also be given to women who run faster than 2.01.00. The price is 10,000 NOK. Only one person per gender can win the award each year.

Foreign participants will be deducted a 15% tax fee. Prizes is paid when invoice is sent from your agent or club.

Bislett Stadium                                                                    Adress: Louises gate 1, 0168 Oslo

Entrance from Louises gate 1. We encourage you to use public transportation to the meeting.

We remind you that Bislett Stadium is an environmentally friendly arena, and ask everyone to contribute to recycling at the stadium.

Bibs, final confirmations, personal throwing implements and call room.

Distribution of bibs, final confirmation and control of personal throwing implements no later than one hour prior to event start in the technical information centre (TIC), located below the stands, close to the finish line.


Athletes are accommodated at Scandic Solli hotel, 10 minutes from Bislett and 5 minutes from the Royal Castle.


Scandic Solli
Parkveien 68,
0254 Oslo – Norway

Competition venue

Bislett Stadium
Louises gate 1,
0168 Oslo


Tjalve Sportsclub
John Ertzgaard
Phone: 0047 928 99 929